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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I find my Company-Code?

A. EmployeeCare is a service sponsored by companies. A Company-Code is required for employees to utilize this service. Every employer that sponsors this service has a valid Company-Code. If you do not have a Company-Code, check with your employer, HR Benefits Dept. and/or Employee Assistance Provider (EAP).

Q. How do I access the services once I have my Company-Code?

A.You can access services by navigating to, select your type of care and complete the appropriate intake form by requesting referrals, call 888-254-8103, and/or download the mobile the app. 

Q What if I’m not sure what type of referrals and/or resources best suits need?

A. Under each category, you can review multiple “Learn more about…” sub-topics to better understand the scope and terminology involved in each category. This is recommended before completing a form.

Q. What if I’m still unsure as to what would best fulfill my specific need?

A. You are entitled to a work-life consultation. Simply select your desire to have a one-on-one phone conversation with one of our specialists.

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