Nanny's and Au Pairs

A nanny is an individual that cares for your child in your home. The nanny might be live-in (live in your home) or live-out (live in her own home and come to your home as needed). Nannies are employees of the family for whom they work. Nannies are require to be licensed in some states and countries but not in others. An in-home caregiver or "nanny" can serve the child care needs of one family or possibly more families by rotating the services of a nanny. Nanny care gives parents more control over their child’s care environment than any other child care alternative. Hiring a full-time nanny is the probably the most expensive child care option and may be cost prohibitive to some.

Au Pair Exchange Program

Au pairs are participants in a USIA exchange program. The US Information Agency issues special one-year visas to people age 18-25 from 13 European countries to live with American families. Au pairs provide up to 45 hours of child care per week as part of their responsibility to their host family and are considered members of the family, NOT employees